Bill Witt Visits Randolph-Macon College

JoTraining2.JPG (302959 bytes)ASHLAND, Va. (10-8-06) - In photo at left, students practice the jo awase on final day of the Bill Witt Seminar at Randolph-Macon College. The seminar also featured ushiro waza and irimi nage practice, jo dori and bokken suburi. Witt Shihan was making his 12th visit to Richmond and his second visit to Randolph-Macon. The senior Iwama Aikido instructor in the U.S. has been invited to return to the campus for his 13th seminar next year. (All photos courtesy Daniel Doherty.)


RMCgroup.JPG (71556 bytes)Sensei___Sensei.JPG (456874 bytes)At left, regular visitors to the R-MC Aikido Club gather for a photo. Front row, from left, George Dickenson, William Witt, Tim Sheldon and Sarah Montgomery. Middle row from left, Sarah Bendall, Peggy Truett, Krystal Rotondi and Catherine Wallace. Back from from left, Brittany Wampler, Peter Truett and Daniel Doherty. At right, Witt Shihan shares some comments with Tim Sheldon at conclusion of seminar.
Saturday.JPG (575330 bytes)Attendees gathered for a photo after the Saturday morning practice.