Getting from Narita Airport to Iwama

Two options (A) train, or (B) bus and train.

(A)   go to the basement of the airline terminal and follow the signs to the
JR.  Get a one-way ticket to Iwama and ask the conductor to tell you what
time the train leaves. If you can get a pocket-map it will show you the
train stops in English in the Tokyo area (at least through Abiko). You need
to take three trains:

  1. from the airport to Narita (town) station
  2. change there for the Narita Line to Abiko
  3. change there for the Joban Line and ride it north for about an hour to Iwama.

Note that the Joban Line has white cars with a blue stripe. The train is headed for the larger city of Mito.

Not everyone has heard of Iwama. As mentioned, the big city north of Iwama is Mito, so it's better to ask for the train to Mito (if for any reason you have to ask).

43 minutes on Narita Line from Narita to Abiko.

63 minutes on Joban Line from Abiko to Iwama.

Fare is 1620 yen, or about $15.

(B)  on the level above the basement of the airline terminal you can find an
Express Bus to Tsuchiura.  The bus finishes at the JR train station.  Take
the train to Iwama.